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Needlework Framing At Low Costs

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Here is a video demonstrating how we mounted a cross stitch project for a customer at a very minimal cost.  The layout was not conservationally mounted.  Our client wasn't looking to go the full 9 yards and wasn't interested in fully preserving this particular needlework.  Normally for needlework projects you want to try and preserve as much as possible.  This can be accomplished by using mat board and additional acid free materials.  If the customer doesn't want mat board you can use spacers,  these will be mounted under the glass in the corners.  This allows the material to breathe and not take on moisture.  Pressing the material flush to the glass is ok if you know the customer isn't going to have it in a direct sunlight area.  Sun and heat will cause condensation, your needle work absorbs that moisture and eventually will turn into mold.  Make sure you ask where the frame display is going to be hung in the household before you make a final decision on how to mount the needlework.    

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