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Ready-made Frames vs Custom Frames

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Many people find it hard to understand the difference between custom framing and buying a "standard" size frame from a craft or departmental store. A frame is a frame, matting is matting and glass is glass—it does not matter. This is what most would say.  Custom framing may cost more than standard frames, but there is a difference when it comes to quality. Typically you want to custom frame your pieces of art especially if the item you intend to frame is of a specific dimension or has value.  The extra cost of custom framing is worth it!  Not everything needs custom framing, but for some types of art and items, custom framing is a must.

There are instances when a mass produced frame is appropriate. But when it comes to original photographs or fine art, a custom frame is the best investment to protect your items so that they last. Custom frames are a product of the proper combination of artwork, molding, mats and other materials.   Custom framing helps make a unique presentation which complements your personal or business brand along with enhancing your home or office. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of custom framing followed by the main setbacks of standard store bought frames.

The benefits of custom framing

Experience: A custom framer has framed several photographs and other pieces of art and therefore knows the best way to do the framing. 

Quality: A custom framer uses specialized techniques and tools which combine with their knowledge and skills to produce a high quality frame for your art or photographs. 

Credentials: A skilled framer has an intimate understanding of color, design, proportion, size, and style. He or she will help you choose the best frame for your home or office. 

Selection: Custom framing shops usually have a huge array of materials at their disposal and are able to get hard to find materials which are expensive if you ordered them on your own. 

Protection: Art can fade over time; they can turn yellow or get damaged by light. A custom framer on the other hand uses scientifically designed materials that will protect your art or photographs. 

Classy look: A custom frame adds class to the overall look of your pieces of art enhancing your personality or business brand.

The disadvantages of buying a, "standard" size frame from your local store:

1. The frame is not of high quality ( often resin or plastic)

2. The quality of glass is another problem.

3. The mat is usually made from wood cellulose

4. The backing is generally made from cardboard

5. Size limitations: you will not find a frame at some sizes for example a 6" x 17". You will just struggle to trim the photo or art, cut a mat, fix it down with glue or force the art to fit into the available space. This can lead to damages.

You may end up paying more for the standard frame if damages are done. The poor quality materials will destroy any kind of art since they contain high amounts of acidity that is very harmful. The glass is another problem because it allows UV light that is an "art killer." Custom framing is therefore important despite the fact that it costs a bit more than ready-made frames.

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