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Why A Military Shadow Box Is A Great Gift

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It's always challenging trying to decide on just the right gift, especially when you're shopping for a loved one. You want to make sure you get them something different and unique, something they don't already have. You want to find a gift that means something special, that shows it's from the heart, a gift they will truly appreciate. No matter what the occasion and who you happen to be buying for, even regardless of whether they were in the military themselves or not, a custom military shadow box can make the perfect present. Once you're more aware of what this box represents, you can understand why it makes such a great gift to give.

What exactly are they?

A shadow box is a statement piece, an item that has a strong tradition in military history. They are typically given to members of the military after they have served their time, when they have retired. This seemingly simple item holds a great deal of symbolism and integrity for military members, and usually even contains the various medals and awards they won during their time in service. This act showcases the hard work and dedication of members of the military, as well as the appreciation and support of the United States to any members who risked their lives serving the country in the military.

Who Are They For?

Although it has the most meaning to someone who actually served in the military and who receive their own box personally, it can also make a great gift for someone who didn't personally serve as part of the military. They may have had a friend or family member who served time and this gift gives them a way to remember that person if they have passed away or even just to remember what they have done for the country and to give them a way to never forget the great sacrifice made by that someone special in their life.

Not Just For Retired Military Members

Although a shadow box, in most cases, is given once a member of the military has retired, they make just as great a gift if they are still serving in the military. It gives the person a classy, attractive way to showcase their work and time in the military, and makes a great focal point in the home. They can use it to show their hard work and dedication, and feel proud when they see their displayed medals, certificates and other memorabilia.

How Are They Made?

These type of displays are typically crafted from wood, and can range in size. They are ideal for storing and displaying medals and other memorabilia, but you can put anything you like in them. Most are lined with a soft velvet fabric, to prevent damage to items stored in the box. They hold a lot of meaning for most people, but are also a lovely piece to use as a decoration in any room of the house.

If you're interested in buying one of these shadow boxes for someone in your life, the best idea is to take time to shop around and compare your options. With such a huge selection available, it can require some time and consideration on your part to see what's out there and find the right shadow box display for that someone special in your life.

Can I Have It Completely Customized?

One of the greatest things about getting one of these boxes as a gift is that you can customize it to your liking. Whether there is a specific type of wood or color you're interested in, or you have other particularities you want to ensure the box includes, most companies manufacturing or retailing these do offer a customization service. Although you may have to pay extra to have the box customized to your liking, it is worth it if you want to make this special piece even more prized and meaningful. You can even have the size of the box customized in many cases, which is nice if you want a particular size. You may be purchasing one for someone in the military who is still serving, and therefore you're not sure of how much room they will need to display their medals and documents. You want to make sure they have adequate room to store all of their prized possessions from their time in the army, so opting for a larger sized case is ideal.

Final Thoughts

Once you take time to learn more about this important item and the significance behind it, you will understand and recognize why it makes such a loved and treasured gift. These items are truly one of the most unique, momentous gifts you can purchase for someone, whether they are still serving in the military, retired from military service, or have never personally served. These unique displays make a terrific gift for any person and are sure to be appreciated, no matter who you get them for.

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