29" x 32" Uniform Shadow Box with Photo Window

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Frame Size:  29" x 32"

Frame Style:  (Your Choice)  1-1/2" Brushed Black or 1-1/2" Mahogany 

Frame Depth:  1-1/4"

Shadow Box Opening Size:  Approx. 1- 26" x 20" Uniform Window, 2 - 8" x 8"Award windows,  1- 4" x 6" Photo window window

Top Mat Color:  Black, Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Red (Your Choice)

Bottom Mat Color:  Gold Florentine, Silver Florentine (Your Choice)

Suede Color: Black, Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Green, Maroon, Gray (Your Choice)

 Items not provided, but can be purchased or sent to us to be professionally mounted.