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Q:  How many times am I able to revamp a design for free?

A:   We will gladly revamp a design once for free...further changes require a nonrefundable $50 design fee per sample request.


Q:  What is your privacy policy on protecting personal customer information?

A:  Military Memories and More is committed to the protection and privacy of sensitive customer information.  Should our company require a customer to provide certain information needed to complete a purchase, be assured it will only be used within our business.  We don't sell information to third parties.    


Q:  What happens if after my sample is approved, my shadow box is received then I notice something is not right?

A:  Our digital sample process is in place so you can see how all of your items are laid out. Once the sample has final approval from you, we build your shadow box accordingly.
We are not responsible if the shadow box is built to your approved sample specifications.  We will be more than happy to make any corrections at an additional charge.


Q:  What is your online order refund policy?

A:  When canceling an online order you will get a full refund only if your order is placed M-F 9am-5pm CST (our normal business hours) and canceled on the same day within our business hours. A processing fee of 3% will be incurred if the order is canceled after hours or during a weekend. 


Q:  What is your return policy on a purchase?

A:  We are more than happy to correct any major issues (Damaged Frame, Broken glass, Items have fallen) that may occur to an order within the first 60 days of purchase.  A return shipment label will be issued for return of the shadow box and its corrections.  After 60 days of purchase the customer will be financially responsible for any issues that may arise.  Military Memories and More will not be responsible for damage that may occur during a return shipment.  Any additional damage that may occur in transit will be the customer's responsibility.   We shoot for excellence on every custom shadow box. If the integrity and precedence of the awards are correct and we mistakenly invert the order of unit crests, rank, patches, etc the display will not be returnable.  A 10% refund on the total order will be issued for these incidents. Return shipments generally cause more damage and issues, this is why a refund is issued.  


Q: Is a signature required with delivery?

A:  A signature is required on packages valued over $500.00. If signature is requested for delivery on packages valued less than $500.00, please call in your order.  There will be an additional $20.00 signature fee.


 Q: What happens if my package is delivered then stolen?

 A:  Once delivered we are not responsible for stolen packages. We provide tracking numbers in a timely fashion so you know exactly what day your package will arrive. It is up to you to be there or have someone there to collect your package.


Q: Have turn around times changed recently?

A: Yes, with the shipping and product delays all have been experiencing, our turn arounds times have been extended to 4 to 6 weeks for all of our products.


 Q:  How much does a custom shadow box display cost?

A:  That depends on a few factors like:

- the overall size of the display

- What frame moulding you choose

- Do you need us to purchase any items to be displayed?

- Do you want us to mount the items for you?

On average a custom display will run anywhere from $300 and up.

However, I can tell you, with our custom framing service you most definitely get what you pay for. Our displays are unlike any other that you will find online today. 


Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A:  Yes we do. If you are unable to make full payment on a display that you would like to have built, then you can make payments. Once the last payment is made and all details are agreed upon, then we will begin building your display.


Q:  What does "Pro Mounting" mean?

A:  When “pro-mounting” is selected it means that we mount your items for you at an additional cost. You must send your items to us to mount if you choose this option. This includes certificates and/or medals for our Certificate Frames, along with collar, leash, toys, ect. for our Pet Memorial Frames.


Q:  Can you provide any items that I do not have myself?

A:  Yes. If you do not have certain items that you want mounted in the display, we can source and purchase most items for you. However, to be fully transparent, there are times that certain items are hard to locate for purchase and we may not be able to.


Q: If I am buying a display for a surprise gift, and I am not quite sure what awards they have, can you help me with that?

A: Absolutely. If you are able to get access to a DD214 (discharge paperwork) and email us a copy, we can quickly let you know what they were awarded during their career. We have also had people send us pictures of the persons dress uniform that displays all the ribbons, badges, rank, etc.


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